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Hello and a wonderfully good day dear friends of erotic parties

We are pleased that you have found our pages.

Briefly a few words about us

For 24 years now (exactly since March 18, 1995) we invite tolerant couples, nice ladies and charming gentlemen to private, erotic parties in our large house in Rüsselsheim.

We are one of the most renowned clubs in Germany and stand for a well-kept, active and exciting atmosphere.

Here you will find almost everything a swinger’s heart desires.

Large lounge with bar and fireplace corner
various, imaginative and lovingly furnished games room
and much more.

What you are looking for in vain with us are professionals and nepp.

That’s why we ensure a balanced
relationship between female and male guests.

Even as a beginner, we will not leave you alone,
on request we will take care of you.

Dear guests

In our erotic party circle there are a few simple rules of the game to observe in order to allow you and everyone else a pleasant, sophisticated and erotic stay.

The top priority is NO

that is: if a man, a couple or a woman should give a clear sign that someone is not wanted, this must be accepted immediately!

With condom is a matter of course

Actually, it should be a matter of course for every foreign partner to use condoms at the GV.
“Without” ONLY in agreement!
In case of non-compliance, an immediate house ban will be carried out!

To the single women

It’s nice that times have changed and you can be found more and more often in the party circles. We welcome this and on request we will have a focus on you throughout the party. You should feel safe and comfortable with us!

We know the feeling of going to an erotic party for the first time

You stand in front of the door and have wet hands. You would like to turn around again, but the curiosity and the fantasies are greater.
We were also in this situation once and mastered it.
We will try to make the evening as pleasant as possible for you the first time.
Together we can do it. So only courage we are with you.

Prostitutes of all kinds, unkempt persons and drunks have no access to us

Likewise, persons under 18 years of age. In case of doubt, the identity card must be presented.

The possession and or use of drugs leads to the notification and a house ban

For security reasons, it is prohibited to take drinks and mobile phones into the playground area.

The phone stays in the dressing room

A word to the couples

As you have probably already read, we are a so-called couple and single circle. This means that individual gentlemen also take part in our parties.
This is, of course, done in a balanced way.

If you have problems with it, we are not the right swinger circle for you

But if you tolerate this, we look forward to seeing you and you are cordially invited.

A serious and important word still to the men

No man has a right to a woman or a ” number “

The female guests are not fair game! They may be looking for you right now.
Be polite and charming, look for the conversation in a nice way and feel carefully.
With patience and humor you usually reach your goal, even if it doesn’t always work out, but it’s worth a try.

dress code

means with us: lingerie, thong, leather, lacquer, but also erotic swimwear or body but also nudism is possible.
Please no emptled fine rib underwear

What’s going on for us

Superficiality, intolerance, lack of imagination, machoness and narrow-mindedness

In the party circle, it is customary to address yourself only with your first name and contacts outside are rather frowned upon.
(Inside everything is allowed, a rendezvous without a partner the next afternoon for coffee would be for a swinger scam).

So, everything can be, nothing has to be

The smell of sweat not only makes you lonely, but also bothers the general public. That’s why hygiene is our priority. Please take a short shower in between, then it works with the neighbor!

Since we are a very tolerant party circle, one should also approach bisexuality of both sexes as a matter of course

It’s a lot of fun and it’s not contagious!

No liability is assumed for cloakroom. Do not leave jewelry, watches or the like.

Upon entering the house, the guest already now confronts the hosts of all claims for damages of any kind free!

We hope that wasn’t too many rules of play or measures.

Please understand this, because this is the only way to ensure a safe and pleasant party evening.
Please help if you notice something negative or any disturbances.

Thank you
your hostess

Kissing is a sign of love,
praying a sign of faith, and knowing us is a sign of taste!

Every party should be an experience for you.
Therefore, it is necessary that you
register ON THE SAME DAY either by phone or by e-mail.
Only in this way can we prepare everything to your satisfaction.

You can reach us by phone:
06142 701 33 20 or mobile: 0152 33 58 26 43

or use our registration form


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