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Snctm LA has been called the word’s most exclusive private members sex and fetish club and has received widespread media attention for its elite soirees held at a multi-million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, California. Indeed, rumour has it that even Hollywood stars have been in attendance

Snctm LA’s target group is primarily men (women can attend for free) – but this is not a place for mere mortals. No Riff Raff or day-trippers are permitted.

You have to become a member, and the website makes it abundantly clear that the application process is rigorous. Not only must you answer questions about your fantasies, but you’re required to submit photographs. Yes, prospective Snctm LA members are vetted for their “aesthetic appeal.” Make of that what you will.

If your online application is approved, you’re invited for a Skype or in-person interview. Daunting, to say the least. And then, of course – should you get that far – there’s the membership fee, which ranges from $10,000 to a staggering $1,000,000. One thing’s certain, you need an ego as big as your wallet even to consider joining.

According to Snctm LA founder, Damon Lawner, members come from “all walks of life” – but the one thing they have in common is “success.” Well, certainly rich. So what do these kinky, successful people get for their (very) big bucks?

At Snctm LA’s monthly masquerade and pool parties (known to us mere mortals as orgies), beautiful A-listers are invited to indulge their wildest fantasies in the most luxurious surroundings one could imagine. Think champagne, butlers, and assorted velvet drapery.

Swinging, partner swapping, rabbit masks, voyeurism – it’s a veritable buffet of kink. Guest numbers are limited, and women significantly outnumber men. But the golden rule at Snctm LA is that everything is consensual.

Snctm LA requires all men to wear tuxedos (no pierced nipples on display here, lads), and women are attired in the most sumptuous garter belts and stilettos. And as with the film Eyes Wide Shut, everyone wears a mask. Depending on what your idea of kink is, this is hot, or it’s just tame and predictable.


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