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You have just entered a libertine space. There are rules and a code you should know.
Its goal is the freedom of individuals, mutual respect, freedom of choice and the pursuit of pleasure.
Don’t do what you don’t want to do. Many things are possible, BUT nothing is mandatory.
In the word Libertinage or Libertine, there is the word freedom which means that the participants have decided to practice their sexuality as freely as possible.

1. BE COURTEOUS: The rule is to approach people with courtesy and respect, whether they are single people or couples.
2. DO NOT BE INSISTENT: Wait for someone to signal you, if one or more participants have chosen you to join them in their libertine games, they will naturally make you understand it. You of course have the right to approach whoever you want, but you have to be aware of their reaction. If you observe that they do not respond frankly to your proposals or that they refuse, you should in no way insist. You won’t start approaching them again later thinking they’ve changed their mind. In any case, ask for the right to join the people in your participation.
3. BE FRIENDLY: We are here for the purpose of shared pleasure and within a framework of leisure and play. Your good humor and your kindness will therefore contribute to the good mood of all. Everyone is free to practice libertinism as they see fit, avoid any comment or judgment on other libertines, their outfit, their physique, etc.
4. RESPECT FOR WOMEN: The women present are not here at your disposal but it is more precisely you (if you are a man) who are at theirs. You will therefore be gallant, attentive and considerate, and will respect their choice. Politeness or kind words necessarily embellish a libertine rapprochement, for the sake of mutual quality and respect. (Hello, thank you, etc.)
5. CONDOMS: They are available for safe sex. You will therefore be careful to use condoms and to use them correctly.
6. HYGIENE AND CLEANLINESS: Physical relations obviously presuppose irreproachable and obligatory hygiene. Think about those who come after you.
7. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: Drugs are of course strictly prohibited and the use of alcohol must be moderate.

To conclude: Libertinism rhymes with discretion, courtesy and good humor, We wish you good times in our club.


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