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Hello and Welcome to the only official BGHS website.

COVID-19 Update.

Hello everyone.

Again, thank you so much for all your support. The emails and messages keep coming and they really do cheer us up and keep us going!

We miss you all so much, in so many ways and can’t wait to open again!!

Since I last wrote the government announced that spa pools and swimming pools can open from the 25th July but in the small print they have asked all saunas and steam rooms to remain closed for now.

The family have discussed this in detail and concluded that until they at least include saunas in that list we don’t feel it would be right to open.

As I’ve said before the scientific advice the government has given alongside talking to the industry professionals has deemed swimming pools and spa pools safe enough to open with measures in place. They have yet to conclude one way or another on the risk of transmission in saunas which is why no announcement has been made. It is highly likely that the amount of people effected by swimming pool closures is greater than saunas and so they have gone down this route first before they give more time to the rest of the industry. It is not advisable to where a mask in a sauna and because of the sweating, that is a natural side effect of sitting in a hot room, it is an area that needs special investigation even though it looks like the virus would struggle to survive in the heat. We agree however, it’s best to wait for more solid evidence. As I said before, the safety of staff and customers is our priority so until they say it’s ok to go and give us guidance on what we need to do, we are going to remain closed.

I can not tell you how many articles and papers I’ve read on this as I look everyday for a nugget of news from lots of sources. I don’t think it is right for me to give my personal opinion on this matter as I am not a scientist and haven’t got access to all the information and statistics that the government has. However, I would not be surprised if they separate saunas and steam rooms and open the former in upcoming announcements. There is a bizarre logic and contradictory evidence in some of the things you are allowed to do and some you aren’t but I’m not privy to all the stats.

What has been raised more and more recently is how undervalued Spas have been in providing physical and mental benefits to those that use them. We have always known how important your escape to BGHS is and the health benefits you get from visiting us are vast. Something that has been very much highlighted in the emails you have sent us.

Now more than ever we all need to focus on rebuilding ourselves after such a difficult time. As soon as we can open we will help you do this, as I know you will help us. Whether it be connecting again or taking some “me” time. We will be here for you.

As yet I can’t give you anymore detail on what life at BGHS will be like during the next phase as the guidance is ever evolving. Whatever changes we may have to temporarily make will be so we can provide the best facilities to everyone.

I will let you know when I have more news but for now, I just want to say once again….

We miss you but we will be back and hopefully, see you soon!



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